• Image of The Farmer's Back massage oil
  • Image of The Farmer's Back massage oil

Made with 100% Organic Ingredients:
Sunflower/Sesame Oil slow infused with
Peppermint leaf, Clove buds, and Helichrysum Blossoms
600mg(4oz)/300mg(2oz) Maine grown full spectrum CBD
Peppermint Essential Oil
Clove Bud Essential Oil
Helichrysum Essential Oil

In an easy application pump bottle.

If you want your hard working other half to love you even more (I know, I know that couldn't be possible) this is the gift they are aching for! Literally! An infusion of warming clove and cooling peppermint, anti inflammatory CBD, and pain relieving helichrysum, this is a perfect massage oil that won't burn your hands! Blood circulation is key when dealing with achy, overworked muscles, and clove and peppermint are professionals at the job. Silky consistency, deeply penetrating, potent formulation. The natural smells of clove and peppermint shine through beautifully. Simple, versatile, and effective.