• Image of Cocoa Rose antioxidant face mask

100% Organic Ingredients:
French Green Clay
Raw Cacao Powder
Rose Petals
Rosehip Powder

An antioxidant rich, delicious smelling face mask designed for dry and aging complexions. Antioxidant= protects you from free radical damage. Aging means one more year spent under the beautiful sun gardening with our hands in the soil, and as much as I love this, my skin always needs extra lovins after a summer well spent. Sun damage is to be expected, smile lines are sure to become more defined, and this is okay! We can both embrace and feed this part of our lives.

Cacao boasts an extremely high percentage of anti oxidants, paired with rose and rosehips containing vitamin C and carotenoids, this blend will help to even out skin tone, reduce scarring and sun damage while smoothing fine lines with its cell regenerative qualities.

Combine with hydrosol, water, or tea decoction to form a paste. Can be used weekly for maintenance or as a spot treatment everyday!

6oz jar will give you 20-30 treatments!
Best paired with Tulsi Rose or Lavender Rose face toner, followed up with our Rosehip Oil or The Golden Hour face serums.