*NEW* Hen of the Woods extract

$21.00 - $33.00
  • *NEW* Hen of the Woods extract
  • *NEW* Hen of the Woods extract
  • *NEW* Hen of the Woods extract
  • *NEW* Hen of the Woods extract

Wild foraged Maitake (or Hen of the Woods) Mushroom
double extracted in h20 and Organic Vodka

A delicious edible, and renowned medicinal mushroom, Maitake mushrooms are one of my favorite specimens to forage. They grow at the base of old Oak Trees in the early Autumn months in big 20-30lb clusters! They, like other medicinal mushrooms have amazing immunomodulating benefits meaning they are helpful for both an underactive and overactive immune system.

Research has shown this mushroom to be chemo-protectant which means when taken in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, it allows the chemo/radiation to kill cancer cells while protecting our healthy cells from damage. This makes the chemo more effective, and less aggressive on our systems.

For women, this Mushroom is an incredible ally. Maitake helps to support healthy ovulation by increasing insulin sensitivity which triggers an egg to release. Those who struggle with anovulatory cycles, PCOS, Endometriosis, infertility, or just longer cycles in general, maybe give this a shot! Studies were conducted with Maitake on its own, and also when taken with medication (Metformin) and showed to make the medication more effected when taken together.

This same action can help those who have insulin resistant conditions such as diabetes type 1.

This tincture is very mild and easy to take straight, or in coffee, tea, or a shot of water.

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