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The Body Guards

$21.00 - $33.00

100% Wildcrafted and Organic Ingredients:
Reishi Mushroom
&Birch Polypore
extracted in
Locally distilled Vodka

A comprehensive, broad spectrum, immune supporting tincture. With a wild harvested blend of mushroom intelligence, these beings help bring us back into homeostasis. Each mushroom has its own affinities for our different bodily systems. Reishi provides support to our lungs, heart, and blood, calming the heart-mind and settling an anxious constitution. Maitake is considered a chemo-protectant and helps our healthy cells stay healthy when undergoing chemo or radiation. It has affinities for the female reproductive system (breast and womb) and assist in immune and gut health, and help to balance blood sugar. Birch Polypore carries similar constituents to those of Chaga with potent antiviral and anti inflammatory activity, as well as being anti-parasitic. This mushroom synergizes the whole blend and helps our body receive the benefits in full. All of these mushrooms are Immunomodulators which help to either boost or tamp down the immune response as needed, making it an excellent ally for chronic inflammatory conditions or autoimmune disorders. A worthy remedy to have around when the body is compromised in either acute or chronic conditions.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.**