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Sweet Citrus Rosehip whipped eyecream

$24.00 - $38.00

*4oz jar is temporarily discounted for imperfect consistency*

Rose Hydrosol
Witch Hazel
Shea Butter
Sesame Oil infused with Calendula
Local Beeswax
Tulsi Glycerite
Wild Rose Glycerite
Rosehip Oil
Propolis Extract
Sweet Orange essential oil
Cardamom essential oil
Citric Acid

For your beautiful smile lines- this is the one. A lovely night cream for aging eyes, drawing moisture to and hydrating your beautiful skin. Use every night to decrease the deepness and lighten your smile lines. A little bit goes a log way! Equipped with antioxidants, vitamins E&A, and minerals, this cream offers repair for skin that has endured long days of sunshine in the garden.

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