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*NEW* Lymph Nymph

$21.00 - $33.00

Echinacea Leaf, Flower, Root
Red Root
Yellow Dock
extracted in organic alcohol
and h2o

A new favorite formula, this tincture shakes things up. From the buzz on your tongue to the little dance it makes you do, this blend gets the lymph movin'.

Cleavers are an incredible ally for moving excess water and helping to support kidney function. They have a cooling effect and can be helpful during infections of the bladder or urinary tract. Our Lymphatic system is one of the hardest systems to detox, because it needs manual physical touch and manipulation to move stagnation, but cleavers help get in there. Balanced with moistening, sweet Licorice, immune boosting Echinacea, astringent Red Root, blood building Yellow Dock, and the anodyne Spilanthes, this formula is a fantastic daily dose of whole body support. For upper respiratory, sinus and ear infections, a sore throat, or a wet cough, this formula provides great relief.

I like to take this blend daily, especially before a yoga sesh, a hot shower, a dance party, a massage, or just any time I think of it!

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