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Herbal Dirt facial exfoliator/mask


*New label and packaging*
different from photo

Fresh ground Ingredients:
Stinging Nettle
St. John's Wort
Pink Himalayan Salt

We're taking back bath time, one plant-based, Earth loving product at a time! Recently, humans realized we aren't tractor engines covered in grease that needs surfactant soap to lift off the grime!
(at least not all the time ;D) And especially not our faces! We have a delicate little ecosystem keeping our skin healthy, radiant, hydrated, and beautiful.
Acne and all, it's a beautiful thing; that skin of yours. So treat it right, and don't wipe out its line of defense! GET DIRTY, NOT CLEAN! Crafted with skin loving herbs, and a dash of salt: 100% edible, organic, skin food waiting to cook your face the best meal it's ever tasted. (also, the rest of your body is invited to the party ;)

This 4oz jar will last you many many months.
Pair's best with a toner and a serum.

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