• Image of Spring Cleaning Oxymel
  • Image of Spring Cleaning Oxymel

100% Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients:
Maine grown Apple Cider Vinegar
Local Honey
Fresh Burdock Root
Fresh Yellow Dock Root
Fresh Dandelion Roots and Greens

Spring time is the best time for cleansing the liver! This formula is a spring cleaning of the internal landscape. Lightening our load in the spring helps to prep our bodies for the busy summer time. Winter time is about grounding, nourishing, and resting, and often in the stagnation we can store more toxins. The three roots in this formula were dug in my own backyard and infused fresh into ACV and honey. ACV pulls out the minerals of each plant much more effectively than an alcohol menstruum would, and the inulin along with it. The Inulin is a non-soluble milky white substance that acts as a prebiotic for our gut, feeding the micro flora in our intestines keeping the biome happy and diverse. It is important to shake your tincture before consumption to ingest all this goodness! The roots are excellent at stimulating the liver and bile production so we absorb nutrients from our food and detox more efficiently. Nettle is a queen spring herb, helpful for allergies, iron replenishment, and loaded with minerals and trace minerals our bodies need to thrive. Can be taken all year round for liver support! Add to water, top your salads, or take it straight up!