• Image of Herbal Mud
  • Image of Herbal Mud

100% Organic Ingredients:
Local Sunflower Oil infused with homegrown Calendula
Rosehip Oil
Fresh ground powders of:
Homegrown Tulsi
Wildcrafted Horsetail
Wildcrafted Red Clover

A spin on the beloved Herbal Dirt exfoliator, Herbal Mud is formulated for dry and aging complexions with fresh ground tulsi from my garden, roses, nettle, horsetail and some other plant allies. Its smells sooo lovely. The ground herbs are covered in rosehip oil and calendula infused sunflower oil.

This has a polishing effect making your face feel silky smooth, refreshed and hydrated from the oil base. It is a deep exfoliator and only needs to be used maybe once a week to feed your skin, keep it soft, supple and young. Loaded with minerals and antioxidants to feed your skin's needs♡

Use: Apply to dry skin and GENTLY scrub in a circular motion. Gentler than you even think! Allow to sit for 15-20. Some itchiness may occur- this is normal! Mild irritation means fresh blood is rushing to the area. Oiling your face helps to pull and remove toxins from your body and when fresh blood circulates to the area it gives it a chance to cleanse. Remove gently with a warm damp towel, follow up with a toner and feel your soft beautiful skin glowing.

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